June 11, 2006

Conference on Development and Sustainability of Health Care Systems

Where: Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Open to:
Young researchers and chiefly PhDs
Deadline for subbmission of abstracts: June 30

The theme of the Conference - Development and Sustainability of Health Care Systems: Demographic and Environmental Dynamics - may be faced both with theoretical and empirical papers pertaining either to Italian or foreign experiences.

Some examples of topics that fit the conference targets include:

  • Investment in human capital and socio-economic growth
  • Sustainability of health care expenditure
  • Cooperation between public and private providers to guarantee the dynamic sustainability of National Health Service
  • Environment and Health
  • Impact of immigration
  • Effects of population ageing
  • Monitoring and revision of basic levels of public health care
More at: http://www.aiesweb.it/convegni/co0007/convegno.htm


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