June 11, 2006

Cooperation of International Institutions for Related Global Issues

Innsbruck Austria
Deadline for abstracts June 20

Registration for the conference is free of charge. Participants are expected to pay their own travel and local expenses.

The EU, with its growing importance in international institutions, with its experiences of cooperating related international issues can play an important role in the cooperation of related issues in global international institutions.

For instance, the following issues:

(1) The global environmental protection is an issue in a related space of the WTO and the International Environment Protection Institution, since to protect global environment cross border trade has to be regulated;

(2) Trade liberalization and labour standards, food security, national security, financial stability, health issue, arms control.

(3) Financial liberalization, financial stability and development issues;

(4) Liberalization of services trade and national culture;

(5) Trade liberalization and problem of balance of payments;

(6) Poverty reduction, HIPC, the management of national debt of highly indebted poor countries and the Millennium Development Goals, etc.

More at:

Conference on Development and Sustainability of Health Care Systems

Where: Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Open to:
Young researchers and chiefly PhDs
Deadline for subbmission of abstracts: June 30

The theme of the Conference - Development and Sustainability of Health Care Systems: Demographic and Environmental Dynamics - may be faced both with theoretical and empirical papers pertaining either to Italian or foreign experiences.

Some examples of topics that fit the conference targets include:

  • Investment in human capital and socio-economic growth
  • Sustainability of health care expenditure
  • Cooperation between public and private providers to guarantee the dynamic sustainability of National Health Service
  • Environment and Health
  • Impact of immigration
  • Effects of population ageing
  • Monitoring and revision of basic levels of public health care
More at: http://www.aiesweb.it/convegni/co0007/convegno.htm

February 26, 2006

My Flikr account

A few weeks ago I decided to start posting my photos, a decision that I am proud of. Now I am thinking of launching a blog journal.
For all of you, whom I made currious, you can check my photos at Oana Brasoveanu on Flickr



July 13, 2005

Scholarships in South Korea

School of Public Policy and Management form Korean development Institute offers full and partial scholarships for MBA and MPP (Master of Public Policy) starting spring 2006.

Deadline for application is 28 october 2005

Detailes on www.kdischool.ac.kr
Contact Person: John Lee
e-mail: admissions@kdischool.ac.kr

Please let people interested in Master schoolarships know about it.



July 05, 2005

Summer School- Journalism for youth

If you want to know more about journalism, or get to know the Catavencu Press Group People, you should not miss the chance to aply to this summer school.

Organized by ANT in colaboration with Catavencu Press Group (have you heard the radio spot on Radio Guerilla?)
Period:27th July - 3rd August
Location: Neptun - Hotel Pahova - sea sea sea ... how nice
Deadline 15th of July

Easy to apply. An essay+ CV required.

Good luck.And enjoy this summer. Enjoy even the rain. (Believe me I've this weekend to seaside and I know what I'm saying)
God is a DJ. Music is Divine. Try to listen Simply Red with Home and you will see.


June 30, 2005

For NGO people and not only

For those of you that are, were or planning to get involved in an Youth NGO this summer School will for sure sound interesting.

Location: Costinesti, Hotel Corsa
Period: 11-18 July
Deadline: 3 of July -- (you'd better hurry)
Cost: all costs suported by ANT (including the cots for transport) So who is in for free vacation at the seaside?

Theme is "Management of Youth Organizations" Pretty cool... huh? Unfortunately I do not have time to go, so I am telling you to go and you and let me know what happened there.

To find how to apply and the full programe of the summer school, just follow this link

Enjoy the summer

June 27, 2005

IT interested people


I find out about this summer university organized by ASE at Tusnad. The theme is "Infomational Society". Pretty cool huh?

The cost is 1.500.000
The period is sometime in the second part of August.

That is almost all I know about it. Maybe youa re more lucky then me and find more on http://tusnad.ase.ro . If not you are welcome to send an email at tusnad@ase.ro

All the best!

June 20, 2005

New section

As you can see in the right part of the blog there is a new section "Cool links"
I wait for your sugestions or link exchange offers.
Please also support the owner of the blog by clicking on the sponsored links above and I will promise to keep you up to date with cool stuff.


Summer School European Romania

This Time Adevarul in partnership with ANT prepare for you a Summer School in Neptun.

Period: 17-24 August 2005
Deadline: 12 July

All you need to be one of the 95 participants is 3 Adevarul newspapers, a resume, an essay and some luck.

Info here

Tones of luck from me!


If you dislike seaside and are thinking more at clean air, silence and cool weather you have to apply for this summer school (13-20 July) at Parau Rece.
The theme is "Equality in chances in Romania", refering the women role in Romanian Society.
Interesting theme, if you ask me :)

Deadline for application is 1st of July.

Again an essay and a resume.

More here


Between 4-11 July ANT organizes the summer camp "Youth role in decision taking process"
Or something like this :) Where? In Costinesti at Corsa Hotel.

Deadline for submitting applications is 28th June.

Application consists in a CV and 3 pages essay.

More here

Good luck!

June 19, 2005

7th Summer School, Lisbon Portugal

Date: 18-23 July, 2005
Deadline: 12 July

Courses:1 - Distribution in Macroeconomic Models
2 - Econometric Analysis of Panel Data
3 - Topics on Macroeconomics of Imperfect Competition: Entry
4 - Trade intensity indexes: limits, extensions and their use in an integrated policy analysis framework

1 Course - 165 euros
2 Courses - 225 euros
3 Courses - 265 euros
4 Courses - 300 euros

Website: http://pascal.iseg.utl.pt/~depteco/summerschool2005/

Online Courses

As the exams are almost finished, you can think more about yourself and what you want to do with your life.
You will find interesting the online courses published by British Communication and Business Academy. They are free and in romanian. What you can wish more?

Check them out at: http://www.academiadeafaceri.ro/

June 13, 2005



Good luck in the exam session! And see you after...


May 26, 2005


As you can see I got a new image for my blog. It's part of my rebranding strategy :) Do you like it?

And good news... You can start applying for the Macedonian Summer School. You can find the detailes in a previous post.

May you have a pefect day!


May 19, 2005

International Student Camp in Zabinki

If you are already wondering where is Zabinki, which I know you are, it is somewhere in Poland

Sounds interesting now?

Let me tell you more...

The camp is organised by "Center of Europe" Foundation and Young Diplonats' Center Association together with Erasmus Student Network, Poland.

International Student Camp has been organized every August since the year 2002 in Zabinki, which is small village situated in the middle of Mazurian Lakes - one of the most beautiful regions in Poland . The camp is designed for students, garduates, youth workers, NGOs members as well as young professionals aged 18-30 from all over Europe . The program includes different kinds of activities and fosters non-formal education, integration and intercultural learning. The camp main goal is to create an international community of young people and to give them an opportunity to make friends, learn new skills and gain better understanding of cultural diversity.

There are three deadlines for registration: May 31, June 30, and July 31. Do not wait for the lat deadline! Sooner you apply, the participation fee is much cheaper!

As you got used to it, I will give you the website for more info: www.zabinki.pl
and an email address to ask your questions:

Tones of success!

Summer University by ANSIT

Period and location: 15.06-15.09.2005 in Neptun and 01.07 - 31.07.2005 si 01.09 - 01.10.2005 in Poiana Brasov
Registration period: 16.05-10.06.2005

Series of trainnings divided in two modules:

A. Associative Management in Neptun
B. Opportunities for Youngsters in Poiana Brasov

More about the project, the trainnings for each module and the registration form you can find on


And that is because I was to lazy to translate. :P

I didn't quite found out about how much it will cost... I tend to think that is free. Maybe you are more lucky then me. You can contact me by email ( oana.brasoveanu at gmail.com ) if you don't manage to find the programm on the website.

All the best!

May 17, 2005

NEW... to come

People good news!

I just got a new job... So I will be able to make weekly posts. I strongly encourage you to leave comments. Thank you Andreea for reminding.

All the best!


May 14, 2005

International Summer University Macedonia (ISUM) 2005

Period: 18-29 July
Fee: no fee
Application deadline: please check the website
Pre-registering process started

The International Summer University Macedonia 2005 will most likely take place from 18 to 29 July (definite dates to be confirmed). The ISUM will offer 14 (ECTS) courses in the fields of Law, Public Administration, Economics, Business Administration, Education Science and Teacher Training. The ISUM is organised in co-operation with the Universities of Skopje, Bitola, the Tetovo State University and the SEE University in Tetovo. Courses will be taught by teams of international and local professors. In addition to the courses, public forums and social activities such as excursions, field trips and parties will be organised. 320 students from Macedonia will participate together with 70 students from South East Europe and 25 students from the rest of the world. No tuition fees are charged! Full scholarships are available for participants from Stability Pact countries, covering travel expenses, accommodation, and food. International students from other countries can participate at their own cost.

More soon available on: http://www.academictraining.org/

April 09, 2005

European Summer Institute 2005 (ESI 2005)

The Future of Europe: Lobbying in Brussels

The Prague's Centre for Public Policy (Centrum pro verejnou politiku - CPVP) is honored to invite students to the European Summer Institute, ESI 2005.

Where: Prague, Czech Republic
When: July 31- August 7

Who: The founders of the European Spring/Summer Institute 2004 (ESI2004) have teamed up with the Prague's Centre for Public Policy (Centrum pro verejnou politiku - CPVP) and INstrategy - Institute for European and National Strategies, to organize the third European Summer Institute 2005 (ESI2005).

What is it about: The European Summer Institute 2005 is an eight-day academic program designed to bring together 30 undergraduate and graduate students of various nationalities and academic backgrounds from the USA, Eastern and Western Europe to enjoy their spring holidays in the unique academic and cultural environment.
Why: The aim of the program is to provide students with an exciting opportunity to deepen their own expertise by enhancing the knowledge of the changing EU politics and by exchanging ideas with academics, the EU policy practitioners and fellow students from different cultural environment. The summer program combines intensive academic courses with cultural, social, and recreational opportunities.


Official Website: http://www.esi-prague.org/