May 14, 2005

International Summer University Macedonia (ISUM) 2005

Period: 18-29 July
Fee: no fee
Application deadline: please check the website
Pre-registering process started

The International Summer University Macedonia 2005 will most likely take place from 18 to 29 July (definite dates to be confirmed). The ISUM will offer 14 (ECTS) courses in the fields of Law, Public Administration, Economics, Business Administration, Education Science and Teacher Training. The ISUM is organised in co-operation with the Universities of Skopje, Bitola, the Tetovo State University and the SEE University in Tetovo. Courses will be taught by teams of international and local professors. In addition to the courses, public forums and social activities such as excursions, field trips and parties will be organised. 320 students from Macedonia will participate together with 70 students from South East Europe and 25 students from the rest of the world. No tuition fees are charged! Full scholarships are available for participants from Stability Pact countries, covering travel expenses, accommodation, and food. International students from other countries can participate at their own cost.

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